Camden New Journal features Camley Street Sustainablility Zone

As part of our work on the Camley Street neighbourhood plan we have been talking to architects, planners, designers and others about how the future development of our neighbourhood can be shaped by the people who actually live and work here rather than outside property developers buying up the land and then presenting us with their vision for it’s future. As a result of a lot of discussions, meetings and simple hard graft we’ve grown the idea of creating a non-profit community led property development company from the germ of an idea into something that’s now attracting serious interest.

Those of you that have attended past events and meetings will have seen the outline of these ideas about how to provide truly affordable housing and seen how they have grown over the past couple of years into something that’s now mature enough to present to the world. A few weeks ago we made the decision to invite the Camden New Journal to meet with us and they published their report under the headline “Housing move that leaves out profit-hungry developers”

An article about community land trusts in the Guardian newspaper

An article about community land trusts that Olly Wainwright wrote in the Guardian.

The radical model fighting the housing crisis: property prices based on income


It’s connected to a weekly lecture / debate series in Central St. Martins (King’s Cross) which started on 19 January 2017