A Proposed Redevelopment Project on the Camley Street/Cedar Way Industrial Estate: the Story so Far

The place

The Camley Street/Cedar Way industrial estate and the adjoining streets of houses and flats known as Elm Village are in the London Borough of Camden, just north of Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. The industrial estate and the houses and flats were built in the 1980s.

The problem

The businesses on the estate, which currently employ some 500 people, are on short-term rolling leases to Camden Council, which owns the freehold of the site. They face a risk to their continuing operations, in that the Council is currently refusing to renew the leases on a longer-term basis. This suggests that the Council is considering doing something different on the site. It is carrying out a review of its options, although the review is currently delayed. The options involve various forms of partnership with private developers. There is a possibility, therefore, depending on the Council’s eventual decision, that the businesses would be required to seek accommodation elsewhere, that the vacated industrial units would then be demolished, and the site used for purely residential purposes. Given a private developer’s overriding concern to make a profit from its investment, it is likely that most of the residential units would be for sale at market rates.

Under most of the options being considered by the Council, the residents of Elm Village opposite the estate would have very limited influence on the outcome, despite that outcome having a profound effect on their future lives.

A neighbourhood plan and an alternative proposal…

(continue reading here – A Proposed Redevelopment Project)

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